Areas of Expertise


We aim to provide you with the best possible advice and service to reach an overall solution.


Fiscal law and law regarding fiscal offences are dealt with by Dr. Joachim Gärtner, tax lawyer. Therewith, extensive counsel regarding commercial and company law as well as banking business. Inheritance law is obviously of particular importance. We execute the enforcement of a last will and testament so that the last will is complied with. You can safeguard yourself personally by writing an individual living will and power of attorney. However this must have legal effectiveness to be binding for doctors.


Insurance law becomes increasingly important. Many of our clients are concerned about retirement provisions and risk cover. Mr. Andreas Schaeben was the first lawyer for insurance law in Cologne and has been providing counsel in this area since 2005. Whether you require liability or property insurance for traffic accidents, damages to buildings or personal belongings or whether residual debt insurance, sickness benefits, disability insurance or life insurance in cases of redundancy, such questions are often of existential importance. An early, correct description of the claim mostly determines whether and how quickly and to what extent services must be rendered by the respective insurance.


We provide support to enterprises in general queries concerning business operations and business plans as well as in increasingly frequent labour law suits. Globalisation means that contracts with foreign elements require more than compliance with foreign statutory provisions: sound counsel in international tax law enables you to optimise your economic goals. An assessment of insurability in international insurance law can often eliminate or minimise risks for you that can arise doing business with foreign countries. In this regard, our expertise in communicating in English, French, Spanish and Italian is of increasing importance.